Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Step Back in Time
and Visit the People and Places
of Nineteenth Century Wilkes-Barre
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Carlos Sameiro said...

Hello! I'am Carlos
I'am from Oporto, Portugal.
I see your blog and I say very good.
Old photos and old story, nice.
My blog:http://raizdopensamento-sameiro.blogspot.com

Carlos Sameiro

Alexandria said...

This blog is wonderful! I'm writing a book set in the Wyoming Valley in the Progressive Era, and I've already gleaned some very useful tidbits from it in addition to the research material I've found. Thank you very much indeed!

Laurence Lindberg said...

Great site! Good job!
I'm descended from the Tracys and the Bettles, so I was glad to see the information about them. What is your source for John Bettle's parents? I see Samuel and Sarah in various spots of course, but nothing to show that their John is the same as our John.
If you get up to the 1840's, I have an early calotype of Samuel Bettle's widow and some of her chlldren, possibly also including her son in law Amos Sisty, who was editor of the Advocate, as well as some printed silk ribbons with his song lyrics, that you would be welcome to use. Thanks for all the great info in any case, Laurence Lindberg, Richmond Va luxor-va@comcast.net

Anonymous said...

Hi. Great site! I would like to nominate Dr. Emanuel Lazarus Betterly for inclusion on your site. He was a surgeon during the Civil War and a prominent doctor in Wilkes Barre from 1858 to his retirement in 1889. He examined the body of the murdered mine superintendent Alexander Rea and testified at the "last and greatest of the Molly McGuire trials" in 1877 - a story that was carried in the Philadelphia and New York newspapers. He even named his son after the murdered mine superintendent. If you are interested, I have biographical information, newspaper clippings and a photograph that I could send you. His son Albert Warren Betterly was also a prominent man in the life of Wilkes-Barre being active in newspaper publishing and real estate. I can be reached at LRMCG@aol.com.

Larry McGrath

WBFF088 said...

Hi I'm a present day W-B Firefighter and was really interested in this.
Thank you,
Dan Emplit

Lee Ann said...

Wonderful historical information regarding old Wilkes-Barre! Thanks so much for making your research available online. Your blog has been very helpful to jump starting my Alkins/Arnold family research.
I am hoping you can direct me to your original source material. I have some information that I can share with you as well. Please contact me at: lahouseman@gmail.com
Thanks again for a great job!